Project #5 Hand Sewn Bunting!!!

Project #5 Hand Sewn Bunting!!!

This hand sewn Bunting took 3 days on and off to Complete. I wanted to make something girly to show off my new found skills and also to Display if I decide to make a craft stall at the Markets!

Here’s the Process I took.

I measured out a Triangle on a piece of paper, leaving a 2cm rectangle at the bottom. I stenciled these onto chosen material and cut them out.

I than used pink Crockett thread, cut to of the same sized pieces and tied them in a bow. I sewed this on with a pearl from a broken bracelet I had.

After all this (I’m a perfectionist) I had to have a Tea and Biscuit break!

(I can’t bring myself to throw out my Oscar the Grouch Cup, even though its so chipped!)

I than pinned cut out triangles of Calico to the back of the flags and Hand Sewed them in a Zig-Zag Pattern.

After I finished that, I folded the left over rectangles at the top, over the cord that I had and tacked them in place, than I hand sewed the material to the Calico backing, making sure not to go through to the Material on the display side.

This is the Finished Product! I took a long time to complete, but there are some things that I couldn’t do on a Sewing Machine, even if I had one. So worth it!

Let me know what you think!!!



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