A couple of finished Projects!

A couple of finished Projects!

We had my Step Son with us on Monday, and he wanted to make more Felt Monsters (YAY) He’s only 4, and I don’t trust him with a sharp needle yet, but I have plastic ones coming from ebay soon.

He chose the Colours and we designed this little Monster!

Isn’t he awesome!

Again, I got these designs from http://www.itsalwaysautumn.com/2013/01/28/stl-felt-monsters-to-make-with-your-kids-plus-free-mix-n-mat.html and I highly recommend checking out some of the idea’s on here for kids!

Speaking of kids, My Big Kid (Hubby) came home yesterday and saw that I had finally decided to borrow a Sewing Machine from a friend, and give my hands a bit of a break!

Mr Nosey decided he was going to give it a shot (To see what it was all about)

See the concentration? About 2 mins after this photo he announced that it was the best thing since sliced bread, and we absolutely MUST buy one!
He started scouting around the house for things to sew and I had to stop him when he went towards my Tent Project!

Needless to say, I expect it will be war over the machine for the next few days until he moves onto the next fun thing Haha

So with the Sewing Machine, I had a few practice runs and got straight into securing the stitching on my Kids Tent. I googled a few different ‘top’ designs and in the end, I just winged it using a pen, ruler and piece of strings to make a home-made protractor.

I’m pretty happy with myself, and soon I hope to make a few as I’ve had interest from some friends in regards to buying them!

If anyone has any idea’s for Projects for me to get my teeth into, please feel free to comment!!!




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