Kisani Krafts Market Stall Stock

I would love to get some feedback from my Readers!

I have linked my Facebook Page and would love to get your opinions on my stock!

Here are some pictures of what I have made, I am completely open to criticism and price recommendations!

This is my Absolute FAVORITE at the moment! A beautiful ‘Mobile’ made from glitter mesh material. So fun to make and looked great in the wind!

P1100297 P1100310 P1100314

Felt Wands! They’re around 35cm Long


Felt Food of all sorts! I plan to make a big variety, though I would love to make this a ‘custom’ order, as I don’t want to make to many.

P1100357 P1100355 P1100351 P1100348 P1100343 P1100339

These little Scene’s in a Bottle were inspired by an Anonymous Artist I found on re-shared to many times, Pinterest Post! I though, “Yeah, I can do that!” So I did!


This scene is a Cherry Blossom and Bunny Rabbit


This is a custom order, Scull and black rose.

Story stones, I only have a few on display, there is also a Castle, Boy and Girl Stone.


Kids Coupons, Including, get out of Chore Free card, Your choice of Movie Card!


Movie Night Kit, Includes Popcorn, ‘Tickets’ and an Adult voucher book!


Peg-me Magnets, Such a great idea!!!!! Gosh I love mod podge!!!


Peg Doll Kits, Pirate and Fairy


Cute felt owls, still tossing up to hang them or not


Fairy Food made from Polymer Clay! Amazing Stuff!


Lucky Dips, made all perdy like with calico bags and leather strap!


Calico wrapped Chalk Board with matching Candle Holders.


So these are a few of my favorite things! I would love to hear from you, comment or visit my Facebook!!!


A New Venture. The Market Stall

Hey there fellow Bloggers, Friends and Googlers!

Last weekend I gave the ole’ Market Stall a go. I would love to say it was highly successful, heaps of sales! But no. I was the newbie, among the veterans of Stallholders who gawked and laughed at my sad attempt. Don’t get me wrong, I got plenty of great comments “Ohh you have some lovely stuff here!”, “Wow, your so creative!” and yet, I walked away with (I assume) a few pitty sales.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of my display, however I can describe it to you. Bland. A black sheet background, nothing hanging, everything on a single table. Since that horrible day, I have done HEAPS of research!!!

Here’s what I have to correct..

1. People don’t go to small town markets to spend big $$

– Your better off selling cheaper items. Market goers know there won’t be any ATM’s, so they may only bring $20-$100 cash. Expect that you’ll only make a small profit on everything you make. For the first few months, you may not even make anything ontop of the cost for materials, with all the haggling and bartering! But also a good idea to get your name out there!

2. Don’t look Desperate

– Market goers are intimidated when you desperately ask them to take a business card, or tell them the markets they can find you at next week!

3. Colours

– Bright, vibrant colours will draw in the kids! I have alot of Craft for Children but I went for the ‘Simple, Calico and Wooden Box’ Style Stalls. I had one child come over and have a look (because her mum dragged her over).

4. Stock

– Have plenty of stock. The more you have, the more interested people are. If you only have a few items, people are more willing to have a quick look as they pass by, The more you have, the more they have to hunt around to see everything on display.

And Last but not Least…

5. Weather

I live in Queensland, Australia. It get’s hot. BE PREPARED! I was lucky enough to have a lovely lady next to me who looked after my stall so I could dash quickly to get a Frozen Slushie… But I’ve learnt my lesson! I’m buying an esky and stocking up on Ice and Cool Drinks!!

So this is all the info I have for now. Round 2 is this Sunday, This time I’ll take a picture of the ‘new’ display and hopefully be able to present you with some better news!!!

Organisation Week!!! Some Idea’s and Tips!!!

So, It’s Organisation week and I have been looking on my second favorite site HOUZZ!!!

Here are a few AMAZING Idea’s that I have found that will be incorporated into our brand new home.

Drawer of Electronics. My Fiance’ and I are terrible at keeping our phone chargers and laptop cables in neat order and usually end up spreading them throughout the house!!! I LOVE this and I will be turning my top drawer of the TV cabinet into our ‘HUB’.

As much as I LOVE this idea, our new house doesn’t have a very large hallway, plus being a rental, I can’t do anything permanent. BUT I’ve been thinking about entryway organisational idea’s. One thing that’s popped out is…

The hall stand! I have one back at my parents place, but being 12 hours drive away, has proven difficult to bring up here. It was my first piece of furniture that I ever bought!

What I love about it is I can walk through the door, dump my keys, phone, handbag and not have to clog up the dinning room table!

As a substitute, I’m looking into a replacement hall stand or hall table, hat stand, shoe rack, basically a decorative, organised place to dump my stuff haha.

I found this picture on Pinterest and after looking in my pantry, decided this is a fantastic system and shall also be putting this into action when unpacking our new kitchen! Lordy I had no idea how many pantry items I had forgotten about because they got pushed to the back!

Little Green Dot-
“Have nothing in your home which you do not find useful, or believe to be beautiful”- William Morris
Amazing words. If only it was easier to live by!
This Blog outlines 10 easy solutions to tackle home organisation. Whether moving, or needing to re-organise various area’s of your home, these little tips are gems!

Have alot of paperwork and don’t know how to file it away? This Blog on ‘Planning with Kids’ covers 4 Tips for handling family paperwork. LOVE this system!

I hope some of these idea’s and methods I’m planning to use are useful for you too. Remember, this is Organisation week! Maybe my enthusiasm will help motivate you to get stuck into those odd jobs you’ve been putting aside as well!!!

Let me know what you think, or comment with idea’s, pictures, or links to anything you’ve found works for you or you like!

Chalkboard Paint Project

This morning while my beautiful 2 month old son napped, I got stuck into Pinterest.

Of course, the endless projects that are pinned by thousands of creative minds out there can swamp you and the mind boggles with ideas!!!

While browsing, I found a few projects that involved Chalkboard Paint.

A quick trip to our local Sam’s Warehouse and the light bulb clicked. I bought some jars for a bargain 30% off and than at Bunnings, some spray on Chalkboard Paint.

This cost about $13.

Using masking tape I outlined the area I was to paint.

After it dried, I washed out the jars and filled with pasta and sugar!
I’m going back tomorrow, were moving next week and I want the new house to be more organised so I plan on using a few more storage ideas with the chalk labels!

A couple of finished Projects!

A couple of finished Projects!

We had my Step Son with us on Monday, and he wanted to make more Felt Monsters (YAY) He’s only 4, and I don’t trust him with a sharp needle yet, but I have plastic ones coming from ebay soon.

He chose the Colours and we designed this little Monster!

Isn’t he awesome!

Again, I got these designs from and I highly recommend checking out some of the idea’s on here for kids!

Speaking of kids, My Big Kid (Hubby) came home yesterday and saw that I had finally decided to borrow a Sewing Machine from a friend, and give my hands a bit of a break!

Mr Nosey decided he was going to give it a shot (To see what it was all about)

See the concentration? About 2 mins after this photo he announced that it was the best thing since sliced bread, and we absolutely MUST buy one!
He started scouting around the house for things to sew and I had to stop him when he went towards my Tent Project!

Needless to say, I expect it will be war over the machine for the next few days until he moves onto the next fun thing Haha

So with the Sewing Machine, I had a few practice runs and got straight into securing the stitching on my Kids Tent. I googled a few different ‘top’ designs and in the end, I just winged it using a pen, ruler and piece of strings to make a home-made protractor.

I’m pretty happy with myself, and soon I hope to make a few as I’ve had interest from some friends in regards to buying them!

If anyone has any idea’s for Projects for me to get my teeth into, please feel free to comment!!!



Project #5 Hand Sewn Bunting!!!

Project #5 Hand Sewn Bunting!!!

This hand sewn Bunting took 3 days on and off to Complete. I wanted to make something girly to show off my new found skills and also to Display if I decide to make a craft stall at the Markets!

Here’s the Process I took.

I measured out a Triangle on a piece of paper, leaving a 2cm rectangle at the bottom. I stenciled these onto chosen material and cut them out.

I than used pink Crockett thread, cut to of the same sized pieces and tied them in a bow. I sewed this on with a pearl from a broken bracelet I had.

After all this (I’m a perfectionist) I had to have a Tea and Biscuit break!

(I can’t bring myself to throw out my Oscar the Grouch Cup, even though its so chipped!)

I than pinned cut out triangles of Calico to the back of the flags and Hand Sewed them in a Zig-Zag Pattern.

After I finished that, I folded the left over rectangles at the top, over the cord that I had and tacked them in place, than I hand sewed the material to the Calico backing, making sure not to go through to the Material on the display side.

This is the Finished Product! I took a long time to complete, but there are some things that I couldn’t do on a Sewing Machine, even if I had one. So worth it!

Let me know what you think!!!


Project #4 Krafts for Kids, Tents!!!

I have been looking at tents to make for the yard/inside. Something light and durable that I can wash (As I live in a rental property and can’t build a wooden cubby.
There are some AMAZING idea’s out there! I’m especially impressed by the tents found on Pinterest!

Here are a couple that I fell in love with!




Just to point out a couple.

So I gave it a crack. This being my first time, I didn’t use any instructions, I just winged it.
I went the the Arts Superstore and bought $40 worth of material, a hula hoop, some shower curtain rings and iron on fabric sealer.

Needless to say, I had quite a bit of material left over as I overestimated. 4 Meters was just way to much! But this is my first prototype!

As you can see I also managed to make a Bunting and cute Door Hanger for Bubs Room!
I found a few pillows too and made some pillow cases for them, to put at the base.

I’ve hand sewn EVERYTHING so far, and I’m on the hunt for a Sewing Machine. When I find one, I’ll be refining the tent and will post the new design!!!!