Project #6!!! Play TeePee

Project #6!!! Play TeePee

My Aunty was coming to visit and she has 3 lovely boys aged 4, 6 and 8!
After having a chat about my blog and what I’ve been up to, she joking said that the boys would LOVE a TeePee but they are WAY to expensive.
This lead me to thinking, if I was to make one, what would I use and how much would I spend?
I started doing a bit of research and found that there are quite a few ways to make TeePee’s.

I found this Blog that was (finally) in Australian measurements and had a run down of the Auzzie costs of her TeePee. Than I realised, my Aunty lives in Ipswich, so they will have to take the TeePee in the car with them. Was wood poles really a good option?
I kept looking around and found THIS Blog

Fantastic Tutorial and used PVC pipes!!! After a trip to Bunnings, I priced some pipes and joiners and I was looking at around about $50 just for the PVC…
As I was looking for something inexpensive but effective I made my way to the Mitre 10 trade centre to source something a bit cheaper.

I found 2 pipes that already had a joint bit at the end to fit 2 pipes together and had them cut into 10x 1 metre lengths. 2 of which had the joint and so I had to by 3 separate joints, so I end up with 5x 2 metre poles that could be taken apart for storage and travel.
All up the PVC costs me $22! Bargain!

As for the material, I went to the local St Vinnies and found a HUGE length of blue, thick material for $5 and a white sheet for $2 and cut them into Triangles 1 Metre down the bottom and 50 cm (Middle of the metre) up the top, Than measured down about 180cm. I cut the top of the triangle down 10cm so I could have the gap up the top.
I didn’t really overdo the measuring as this was a trial run. But it turned out alright!

After a FULL day of sewing, I managed to finish this little project and they kids saw it on the weekend, they LOVED IT! It was set up back at theirs within 20 mins of being home haha.

This is a Picture of the back. I had so much fun putting this little project together and It really wasn’t that hard! Anyone can make one! Give it a go, maybe check out the Tutorials I’ve linked here and see for yourself what a fantastic gift for your kids it is!!!



A couple of finished Projects!

A couple of finished Projects!

We had my Step Son with us on Monday, and he wanted to make more Felt Monsters (YAY) He’s only 4, and I don’t trust him with a sharp needle yet, but I have plastic ones coming from ebay soon.

He chose the Colours and we designed this little Monster!

Isn’t he awesome!

Again, I got these designs from and I highly recommend checking out some of the idea’s on here for kids!

Speaking of kids, My Big Kid (Hubby) came home yesterday and saw that I had finally decided to borrow a Sewing Machine from a friend, and give my hands a bit of a break!

Mr Nosey decided he was going to give it a shot (To see what it was all about)

See the concentration? About 2 mins after this photo he announced that it was the best thing since sliced bread, and we absolutely MUST buy one!
He started scouting around the house for things to sew and I had to stop him when he went towards my Tent Project!

Needless to say, I expect it will be war over the machine for the next few days until he moves onto the next fun thing Haha

So with the Sewing Machine, I had a few practice runs and got straight into securing the stitching on my Kids Tent. I googled a few different ‘top’ designs and in the end, I just winged it using a pen, ruler and piece of strings to make a home-made protractor.

I’m pretty happy with myself, and soon I hope to make a few as I’ve had interest from some friends in regards to buying them!

If anyone has any idea’s for Projects for me to get my teeth into, please feel free to comment!!!



Project #5 Hand Sewn Bunting!!!

Project #5 Hand Sewn Bunting!!!

This hand sewn Bunting took 3 days on and off to Complete. I wanted to make something girly to show off my new found skills and also to Display if I decide to make a craft stall at the Markets!

Here’s the Process I took.

I measured out a Triangle on a piece of paper, leaving a 2cm rectangle at the bottom. I stenciled these onto chosen material and cut them out.

I than used pink Crockett thread, cut to of the same sized pieces and tied them in a bow. I sewed this on with a pearl from a broken bracelet I had.

After all this (I’m a perfectionist) I had to have a Tea and Biscuit break!

(I can’t bring myself to throw out my Oscar the Grouch Cup, even though its so chipped!)

I than pinned cut out triangles of Calico to the back of the flags and Hand Sewed them in a Zig-Zag Pattern.

After I finished that, I folded the left over rectangles at the top, over the cord that I had and tacked them in place, than I hand sewed the material to the Calico backing, making sure not to go through to the Material on the display side.

This is the Finished Product! I took a long time to complete, but there are some things that I couldn’t do on a Sewing Machine, even if I had one. So worth it!

Let me know what you think!!!


Sneak Peak for my next Project!

Sneak Peak for my next Project!

Here’s a sneak peak for the next big project! It should be completed by tomorrow, and has so far taken me 2 days to get most done!!!!


Project #4 Krafts for Kids, Tents!!!

I have been looking at tents to make for the yard/inside. Something light and durable that I can wash (As I live in a rental property and can’t build a wooden cubby.
There are some AMAZING idea’s out there! I’m especially impressed by the tents found on Pinterest!

Here are a couple that I fell in love with!




Just to point out a couple.

So I gave it a crack. This being my first time, I didn’t use any instructions, I just winged it.
I went the the Arts Superstore and bought $40 worth of material, a hula hoop, some shower curtain rings and iron on fabric sealer.

Needless to say, I had quite a bit of material left over as I overestimated. 4 Meters was just way to much! But this is my first prototype!

As you can see I also managed to make a Bunting and cute Door Hanger for Bubs Room!
I found a few pillows too and made some pillow cases for them, to put at the base.

I’ve hand sewn EVERYTHING so far, and I’m on the hunt for a Sewing Machine. When I find one, I’ll be refining the tent and will post the new design!!!!


Project #3 Busy Little Bee!

I have been very busy the last few days! I’ve been sewing like mad!!!

I tried finding an Elephant Pattern that I could let my Step Son sew. Needless to say, everything was very complicated. So I made my own!!! It’s a little dodgy looking, but I call it my RagaMuffin Elephant! The stitching on the outside means that the kids don’t have to muck around with trying to get the stitching just right. Here’s my prototype.

Today I found a simple Elephant Pattern that I could use myself. I had an idea of making it out of Calico, so that I could take it to the Hospital with me when Bubba arrives. I plan on getting my Visitors and the attending Midwife to sign it as a memento!

This is the Page that I found, Denise has done a great job with the instructions, pretty straight forward to follow!

This is how mine turned out.

It took many hours and after running out of stuffing, I sacrificed a hardly used pillow to this great project! I must say, I’m quite proud of myself for accomplishing this!

This is a little project that I put together to also play with my Step Son, felt animals! I made this little owl from a simple design that I found on Google Images. I changed it around a bit but here it is!

After making this I browsed the net for a while and these rad little monsters!

This is the page I found these little monsters on.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of my little project. I helped my Step Son make an amazing little creature using this design, but he took them back to his other home, as he wanted to take them the next day to childcare for show and tell!

I’ll be making a few little monsters as a demo and I’ll post them up here when I do!


Project #2 Painting!

My wonderful amazing Fiance’ MADE me an Easel for my Birthday last year. After a few weeks I finally decided what I wanted to paint and gave it a crack!

The first painting I managed to do was the two bears for our bub’s room.

Soon after, I caught the ‘ARTY’ Bug and had a try at doing a creative piece, as I had a very blank wall in our room. Some bright Colours soon fixed that!

Just recently a friend of mine had a Baby Shower and unfortunately I couldn’t make it so I made her a little present for her Daughter.

And I had an Art day last week with my Step Son, who I have discovered is VERY crafty! I had no idea! Here’s a picture of him painting and his beautiful artwork!

He wanted to copy Daddies car, which my Fiance’ had painted.

We all got our hands dirty to make a Family Canvas too! We left a spot up the top for our newest additions hand print though, who is yet to grace us with his presence!

And last but not least, I decided to get a little handy and make an Arts Centre to organise all my Step Son’s bits and pieces.

I used a ‘Chrisco’ foam box, cut it in half and used a stanley knife to cut some holes big enough for some large disposable cups. It was a hit and defiantly helps keeping everything tidy when my Step Son is on a creative roll!

I’ll be posting some more little projects soon, I’m keeping myself so busy ‘nesting’, I hardly get time to jump on the net!!!


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