Kisani Krafts Market Stall Stock

I would love to get some feedback from my Readers!

I have linked my Facebook Page and would love to get your opinions on my stock!

Here are some pictures of what I have made, I am completely open to criticism and price recommendations!

This is my Absolute FAVORITE at the moment! A beautiful ‘Mobile’ made from glitter mesh material. So fun to make and looked great in the wind!

P1100297 P1100310 P1100314

Felt Wands! They’re around 35cm Long


Felt Food of all sorts! I plan to make a big variety, though I would love to make this a ‘custom’ order, as I don’t want to make to many.

P1100357 P1100355 P1100351 P1100348 P1100343 P1100339

These little Scene’s in a Bottle were inspired by an Anonymous Artist I found on re-shared to many times, Pinterest Post! I though, “Yeah, I can do that!” So I did!


This scene is a Cherry Blossom and Bunny Rabbit


This is a custom order, Scull and black rose.

Story stones, I only have a few on display, there is also a Castle, Boy and Girl Stone.


Kids Coupons, Including, get out of Chore Free card, Your choice of Movie Card!


Movie Night Kit, Includes Popcorn, ‘Tickets’ and an Adult voucher book!


Peg-me Magnets, Such a great idea!!!!! Gosh I love mod podge!!!


Peg Doll Kits, Pirate and Fairy


Cute felt owls, still tossing up to hang them or not


Fairy Food made from Polymer Clay! Amazing Stuff!


Lucky Dips, made all perdy like with calico bags and leather strap!


Calico wrapped Chalk Board with matching Candle Holders.


So these are a few of my favorite things! I would love to hear from you, comment or visit my Facebook!!!


Chalkboard Paint Project

This morning while my beautiful 2 month old son napped, I got stuck into Pinterest.

Of course, the endless projects that are pinned by thousands of creative minds out there can swamp you and the mind boggles with ideas!!!

While browsing, I found a few projects that involved Chalkboard Paint.

A quick trip to our local Sam’s Warehouse and the light bulb clicked. I bought some jars for a bargain 30% off and than at Bunnings, some spray on Chalkboard Paint.

This cost about $13.

Using masking tape I outlined the area I was to paint.

After it dried, I washed out the jars and filled with pasta and sugar!
I’m going back tomorrow, were moving next week and I want the new house to be more organised so I plan on using a few more storage ideas with the chalk labels!

Project #2 Painting!

My wonderful amazing Fiance’ MADE me an Easel for my Birthday last year. After a few weeks I finally decided what I wanted to paint and gave it a crack!

The first painting I managed to do was the two bears for our bub’s room.

Soon after, I caught the ‘ARTY’ Bug and had a try at doing a creative piece, as I had a very blank wall in our room. Some bright Colours soon fixed that!

Just recently a friend of mine had a Baby Shower and unfortunately I couldn’t make it so I made her a little present for her Daughter.

And I had an Art day last week with my Step Son, who I have discovered is VERY crafty! I had no idea! Here’s a picture of him painting and his beautiful artwork!

He wanted to copy Daddies car, which my Fiance’ had painted.

We all got our hands dirty to make a Family Canvas too! We left a spot up the top for our newest additions hand print though, who is yet to grace us with his presence!

And last but not least, I decided to get a little handy and make an Arts Centre to organise all my Step Son’s bits and pieces.

I used a ‘Chrisco’ foam box, cut it in half and used a stanley knife to cut some holes big enough for some large disposable cups. It was a hit and defiantly helps keeping everything tidy when my Step Son is on a creative roll!

I’ll be posting some more little projects soon, I’m keeping myself so busy ‘nesting’, I hardly get time to jump on the net!!!