Christmas has come!

It’s December already!

While everyone is out amongst the hustle and bustle of the Christmas Shopping rush, I have launched a new Business-
Mumma K’s Home Organisation Services
Home organisation was a huge struggle for me, for many years. Even to this day, there are a few project’s I want to complete before the new year, to get my home up to tip top shape!
I have been spending the last 12 months, researching many different ways to reach optimum home harmony and have found quite a number of magnificent idea’s!
Most of my recommendation’s are rental friendly, as I have that restriction. I can’t paint, or hang things where I want, But I’ve discovered ways to defy those boundaries!

This weeks huge focus is the Bedroom. We all have those area’s where bits and pieces are shoved in a rush to ‘tidy’, clothes that will ‘fit one day’, that t-shirt with ‘sentimental value’. Mumma K is tough but fair and has successfully helped a number of people to get through those attachments and rid themselves of junk!
At some level, majority of people have a hoarding problem, I definitely do! I have a problem with craft supplies! (Sorting that out is on my list!)
Sometimes we just need a little push to get those jobs started and out of the way. That’s when the Locals of the Wide Bay Region QLD can call on Mumma K.