Organisation Week!!! Some Idea’s and Tips!!!

So, It’s Organisation week and I have been looking on my second favorite site HOUZZ!!!

Here are a few AMAZING Idea’s that I have found that will be incorporated into our brand new home.

Drawer of Electronics. My Fiance’ and I are terrible at keeping our phone chargers and laptop cables in neat order and usually end up spreading them throughout the house!!! I LOVE this and I will be turning my top drawer of the TV cabinet into our ‘HUB’.

As much as I LOVE this idea, our new house doesn’t have a very large hallway, plus being a rental, I can’t do anything permanent. BUT I’ve been thinking about entryway organisational idea’s. One thing that’s popped out is…

The hall stand! I have one back at my parents place, but being 12 hours drive away, has proven difficult to bring up here. It was my first piece of furniture that I ever bought!

What I love about it is I can walk through the door, dump my keys, phone, handbag and not have to clog up the dinning room table!

As a substitute, I’m looking into a replacement hall stand or hall table, hat stand, shoe rack, basically a decorative, organised place to dump my stuff haha.

I found this picture on Pinterest and after looking in my pantry, decided this is a fantastic system and shall also be putting this into action when unpacking our new kitchen! Lordy I had no idea how many pantry items I had forgotten about because they got pushed to the back!

Little Green Dot-
“Have nothing in your home which you do not find useful, or believe to be beautiful”- William Morris
Amazing words. If only it was easier to live by!
This Blog outlines 10 easy solutions to tackle home organisation. Whether moving, or needing to re-organise various area’s of your home, these little tips are gems!

Have alot of paperwork and don’t know how to file it away? This Blog on ‘Planning with Kids’ covers 4 Tips for handling family paperwork. LOVE this system!

I hope some of these idea’s and methods I’m planning to use are useful for you too. Remember, this is Organisation week! Maybe my enthusiasm will help motivate you to get stuck into those odd jobs you’ve been putting aside as well!!!

Let me know what you think, or comment with idea’s, pictures, or links to anything you’ve found works for you or you like!


Organising your House! Organizing your LIFE!

I am moving in the next week and leading up to this, I have been cleaning out all my unwanted clutter that has piled up around me and have really been looking for ways to manage our home.

I am a serial ‘quick tidier’. I will race around before someone comes over and put things ‘out of sight’, thinking that one day Ill have the time to put them all back where they belong. In doing this, I have several spots full of random, unorganized junk, for example, un-used drawers, baskets, cupboards.

In packing up our house, I have been putting everything in boxes to move along with their rightful friends. Using the masterpiece that is PINTEREST I have been finding ways to keep my new house from getting to that point.

Here I’ve posted the link to a wonderful woman who has put a challenge out to all home organisers.

The Organised Housewife. Check it out!!!
Ill be implementing the idea’s when we move!!!