Organising your House! Organizing your LIFE!

I am moving in the next week and leading up to this, I have been cleaning out all my unwanted clutter that has piled up around me and have really been looking for ways to manage our home.

I am a serial ‘quick tidier’. I will race around before someone comes over and put things ‘out of sight’, thinking that one day Ill have the time to put them all back where they belong. In doing this, I have several spots full of random, unorganized junk, for example, un-used drawers, baskets, cupboards.

In packing up our house, I have been putting everything in boxes to move along with their rightful friends. Using the masterpiece that is PINTEREST I have been finding ways to keep my new house from getting to that point.

Here I’ve posted the link to a wonderful woman who has put a challenge out to all home organisers.

The Organised Housewife. Check it out!!!
Ill be implementing the idea’s when we move!!!